[Parents and Scouts Needed] Equipment Tidy-Up – Part 1

ByStephen R

[Parents and Scouts Needed] Equipment Tidy-Up – Part 1

Date(s) - 13/03/2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Eastwood/Marsfield Scout Hall


Scouts HQ is on our backs:  We need your help to clean up the garage, sort, then itemise the camping and actitivies gear for insurance purposes.

Leaders will be on hand to play a quick game of ‘keep, repair, throw’ with a wide variety of interesting and obscure camping items, and the Commitee will be entering a list of kept items into a register. We need many hands to help pull out each item, check for completness, clean the shelves and put back the usable equipment in a neater order than we found them. Every large item we save is one less fundraising BBQ event to replace, so please come down and help us to get on top of the equipment room.

We also have ben offered donated gear from a few discontinued groups that is waiting to come into the hall, so helping to make space with this cleanup task will allow us to enjoy a wider range of scout and cub activities in the future.

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